My Love For The Stars

Johanna Harpur-My Love For The Stars
The wonder of the Zodiac and the inlfuence of the stars in the night sky has forever fascinated and guided me and I am delighted to celebrate it`s celestial magnificence with you.
Although my journey in world of jewellery began not too long ago, the seed of becoming the woman I am today was sown a long time ago in my childhood, when I discovered something which would offer me inspiration, courage, solace and strength throughout my entire life.
I remember it like it was yesterday, grasping my sister Laura`s hand and barefoot, walking out into the dark, crisp night. The wet, cold grass tickling our toes and the silent anticipation of what we were about to discover was almost too much for our young hearts to bare, beating hard and fast at the very same pace. As we lay our heads on to the midnight grass, the entire magnificent universe filled with glitter, glimmer and ecstacy of light, opened itself up before our eyes. I was forced to blink, to cope with its intense beauty and magnitude and I was moved to my core by what I saw. This was a moment which had a profound impact on me, and for as long as I live, nothing can replace the respect and sense of humbleness I felt for the enchanting visions my sister and I experienced that night. From that very moment, I knew that they were going to be there for my sister and me, to guide us through our lives, to show us how to be strong and to hold us safely by the hand.

Like the handles on a clock on the wall tell us, time passes, things change and life goes on. My sister and I grew up and our lives separated, went in different directions as they should do. Laura, a strong, curious and restless Sagittarius, moved far, far away from me, and although I missed her, I knew that we were separated only by the degree of distance. Like our mother had so passionately taught us; there is no bond like a sisterly bond. It is unbreakable no matter the distance, it is sacred no matter the upset and it will carry you through life when it seems like nothing else will. However many miles of wild oceans or dusty roads that lay between us, we would always meet beneath the magnitude of Capella, the ruler of the night sky and we would reconnect across the distances.
The stars will guide you, they will teach you and they will be the beacon of light when you need an anchor point, our mother would say, and I am incredibly thankful for the gift of faith in life, in spirituality and in myself, that she gave to me. Like footprints in the sand, I am acutely aware of the fragility of our existence. Life is brittle and in a way, as people, we are both cursed and blessed, that we are unaware of what lies ahead. My anchor point, my fountain of inspiration and encouragement throughout my life has and always will be when the stars come out at night, a kingdom so close, you could almost reach out and touch it.
As the deep and vast as the night sky, the strength of each woman is unexplored, unique and within you to be discovered, all you really need to do is to dare to nurture the bright shining star that you wish to be. Let`s encounter each other with as kind a heart as a sister would do and help each other in reaching for that star, no matter how distant it may seem.
Life has lead me down many different paths, many journeys I wish I hadn`t needed to travel and many I am deeply glad I got to experience, and only a few years ago, I found the place in life where I belong. Creating tokens of love, friendship and sisterhood fulfils me; it lifts my heart and gives me purpose. Passionate and speaking from the heart as the Aries I am, I cannot think of anything more invigorating than creating a jewellery collection for you and for me, for sisters, for mothers, for dear friends and for celebrating the bright shining lights we have the luck to encounter in our lives.
I thank you for allowing me to honour your very own journey, through my love for the stars.  Johanna Harpur xxx