Mr. Heartache

Collection 2018- “Mr. Heart Ache”

Mr Heart Ache-Collection

Have you ever had your heart broken, this collection is for the broken hearted, for the unsettled of mind, for the one who needs a little reminder that although someone has been less than careful with the dignity of your soul, this colleen is far from beaten.
Onyx as black as the night, Labradorite as shimmering as the cold winter moon and Smokey Quartz as dark and secretive as the heart of a wounded woman. We have created a spectacular array of necklaces, bracelets and earrings with strong, protective stones for you to help regain the lust for life and living, embracing it wholeheartedly and begin to trust your instincts again.
Treat yourself to something worthwhile and timeless. Remind yourself that you are incredible, that you are kind, gentle and oh, so precious. You, like the stones in our collection are individual, there simply are no two the same and just like them, you are unique, exquisite and irreplaceable.
We are honoured to be part of your journey, your road to welcoming life and love yourself, no matter what.”